Imagine that you have taken a moment to imagine your dreams in a possible reality, and have even taken the steps to blueprint your ideas and aspirations into a potentially viable Project…

What is the the most common missing element between you, the person with the vision, that dreams of building their Project, and the few who make that project become tangible?

They successfully obtain the required Finance or Funding to make their Project a reality!

Sadly not everyone can meet the requirements of their bank or financial institution in order to secure their Project Funding, and they historically prefer commercial or common assets as a form of collateral to obtain the capital finance to build your dreams.

Forshaw Capital Group is a boutique-sized company of Experienced Professionals who can provide Independent and Confidential Consultations to clients who seek to make their project hopes and dreams and search for various forms of Alternative Project funding solutions.

Contact us to learn more or for a no-obligation discussion where we can talk about the missing links that could make your project funding aspirations a success!

Project Funding


We have helped clients engage in funding both in the UK and Europe;  Our highly skilled team can provide you with a broad array of options.

FINANCIAL instruments

Forshaw Capital Group works with partner companies who have facilities to issue and to monetise banking instruments and securities

Land & Property

Whether buying, selling or developing residential, commercial, agricultural or mixed-used sites our land & Property agents are trusted experts in identifying new opportunities

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Discover how we can help you to raise capital for your project


A client needs assistance in funding their Green Energy project.

We discuss the objectives, markers, timeline, assets, supply-chain and of course the potential return on investment.

we then create a financial blueprint that provides the client with the necessary funding within the parameters of the client’s goals and timeline, and where applicable assist in the transaction as per the client’s requirements.

A client needs additional Project funding to expand his existing commodities company, and finds it hard to trust new suppliers from across the world.

Utilizing our partner’s collateral, banking relationships and procurement division, we could secure him a Standby Letter of Credit from a top rated bank within Europe, to sent via the SWIFT banking system to the new supplier’s bank (providing their bank supports the intake of financial instruments) and trigger the import or shipping of the requested product.


offset this financial asset against one of our partner’s existing credit facilities which will allow us to trigger a cash capital fund – part of which is used to pay for the product/s ordered, and the remaining fund is placed into a regulated trade platform to produce fresh funds to offset the new product purchase whilst ensuring the financial instrument can be returned to the issuer at the end of its term unencumbered.