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Forex Trading Strategies for Beginners

Strategies: Forex Trading Generally, people feel that Forex is complicated. Realistically, it is like many other investment options, where little knowledge can be risky. Luckily, with Forex, there are many strategies to adopt that are good enough to realise any investment goal. Commitment can vary from watching the market every day, looking for quick profits […]

Traders switch to Forex after the bond markets plateau

Foreign exchange is becoming the new playground for investors looking to profit from sharp moves in prices, after central banks’ aggressive response to Covid-19 robbed them of opportunities in bond markets. Government bond yields have sunk to record lows this year — reflecting rising prices — after central bankers moved swiftly in March to slash interest rates and launch […]

Oil Market to re-balance by mid-year

Supply side issues continue to drive sentiment in the crude oil market, strategists at ANZ Bank apprise. “Saudi Arabia aims to pump just under 7.5mb/d in June, compared with its official target of 8.5mb/d. This would take its output to the lowest level since mid-2002. The United Arab Emirates also announced it would cut by […]

Gold prices forecast largest annual rise in 9 years

Futures prices trade over 15% higher this year Gold prices look to end the year more than 15% higher, on track to post their biggest annual climb in nine years. “Gold has seen considerable safe haven buying from investors concerned [over] low and negative yields in the bond market and fearing a possible downturn in […]

Bitcoin price moves positively – Why is Bitcoin Rising?

BITCOIN is rising again, the latest tip in the Cryptocurrency’s chaotic activity trend. How high could Bitcoin rise today and why is it rising? Bitcoin has seen turbulent activity over the past 12 months, losing value of up to 70 percent. However recent trends have seen the price of the Cryptocurrency rocket up, sparking optimism […]

Is now the time to Invest in Gold?

If the stock markets plunge and the world economy becomes compromised, one hard asset normally has its moment to shine in the spotlight. In recent weeks, as markets worldwide have corrected sharply and a full-blown trade war between two of the globe’s powerhouses – the United States and China – looks increasingly likely, the gold price […]

Earning at HSBC’s investment bank vs. Goldman Sachs

It’s bonus day at HSBC today. Following the unexpected departure of Matthew Westerman, the ex-Goldman Sachs head of HSBC’s global banking group in November last year, all eyes are on how much HSBC pays its investment bankers. The compensation report accompanying today’s annual report suggests HSBC might actually pay them quite well.

EU takes eight countries off its tax haven blacklist

Campaigners accused the EU of going soft on tax dodgers The European Union has taken eight countries off its tax havenblacklist after they apparently took measures to “remedy” EU concerns about their approaches to tax dodging. Panama, Barbados and Grenada were among states that fell off the list, which now numbers only nine nations – amid claims […]